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Sotarea is here to change the corporate conversation around health by shifting the mindset from the “absence of disease” to “vitality and energy”. We bridge the gap between safety and wellness by offering an automated, holistic platform that addresses Total Worker Health™. As NIOSH defines it, ‘Total Worker Health™ is a strategy integrating occupational safety and health promotion to prevent worker injury and illness and to advance health and well-being. That’s why we are so passionate about the Sotarea Solution and our four step process to get the results that will impact your employees, their productivity, your business and your bottom line. Health transformation starts once you know the problems. Sotarea helps develop a "wellness culture" by evaluating the past to uncover "modifiable" risks. We identify key intervention strategies in your employees lives. We then measure the results and quantify the "value" of the investment.


Sotarea drives total worker health™ management engagement through the employer’s Workers’ Compensation, Safety and Health Programs. We provide a secure employee-centered digital health and risk management platform. This Safety, Health and Wellness data is aggregated and analyzed to provide “actionable” data by identifying exposures in a population.The results? Behavior modification, reduced frequency and severity of claims, as well as lower overall health costs.


We take the aggregated data and apply proprietary algorithms and formulas to assess and determine trends and correlations. Reports are generated that pinpoint the issues raised by the data.


Now we are ready to take the predictive data and apply prescriptive measures. Existing coaches or external consultants can use the data and begin to address the specific issues that require intervention in the workforce. In addition, Employees can start making individual changes that will impact their personal health, driven by the rules native to our solution.

Cost Containment

As a consequence of engaging employees, assessing data from multiple sources and producing analytics that predict future outcomes and prescribe proactive measures, evaluations will be provided on baseline data that quantify results. Measurements will be provided to highlight productivity and a reduction in losses.

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Our Technology

Powering the business of well-being

We work with employers to bridge the gap between health, safety and wellness to transform an unhealthy workforce into healthy, productive employees who live their best lives every day! The payoff for employers is measurable ROI through lower Ex-Mods, increased productivity, decreased severity and lower healthcare costs.

Our platform is completely cloud-based, available on the web and beyond, offering clients 24/7 safe and secure access.

Sotarea's proprietary software aggregates data from WC, Safety and Health Programs and provides assessments of the financial risk for our clients. Through specialized algorithms and other predictive and prescriptive technologies, Employers will have access to financial dashboards to make meaningful data driven decisions. Employees will be provided a directed education in relation to their health profile, as well as injury prevention, wellness recommendations and professional triage of high health risk situations.

Available through any browser, single sign-on technology allows easy access to the platform and the many tools and applications provided. With a rules-based system, alerts are sent to employees reminding them of important milestones as they navigate through the system. Incorporating both structured and unstructured data, the platform provides a holistic view of the employee's personal health information. Employers are provided important analytics to pinpoint problem areas in their workforce and create strategies to drive cost containment through the combination of Workers Compensation, Safety and Health data.

  • Our unique Health Management System(HMS) makes individuals' aggregated health data "actionable" with customized applications brought together on a single intelligent platform to deliver personalized data driven solutions. Users are able to get more value from healthcare spending, better manage chronic conditions and pursue a healthier lifestyle, creating a healthier workforce and improving the bottom line.

  • Sotarea offers a unique "comorbidity" based HRA with biometrics offering a strategic Know Your Numbers predictive analytics report helping risk managers engage population health management with real time "actionable" data in a meaningful way identifying modifiable risk factor trends towards the onset of disease vs. traditional HRA's that analyze mortality predictions.

  • Sotarea's licensed MSD algorithm focuses on Workers' Compensation injury and illness prevention through early detection and mitigation of key cost drivers reducing costs pro-actively while improving employee productivity and organizational assessment.

  • To drive our data driven decision making for complete worker health, client/participant care, ROI and outcome based results, Sotarea creates sustainable safety, health and wellness transformational change. Through our proprietary formula and IP, Sotarea can support people in engaging at a new level to catalyze new awareness, behavior and action - all part of contributing to life and work fulfillment.

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We are a technology and total worker health™ risk management company made up of human capital advisors, loss control analysts, insurance specialists, software engineers, product designers, occupational health experts and client care advocates. We work together to disrupt the traditional wellness model currently used in the employer market, by bridging the gap between health, wellness and Workers' Compensation data.

Rob Dill

CEO and Founder
Sotarea is the brain child of Robert Dill. With over 30 years of successful worksite experience, Rob is an employee benefit consultant who helps companies, associations and union groups develop innovative solutions, with an emphasis on mitigating future costs with health trend management and result- oriented wellness programs.

Barry Thomas

Chairman, Advisory Board
As Chairman of the Board, Barry Thomas provides oversight and expertise to Sotarea. Barry has over 35 years of experience in HR Consulting and line management. He has served as VP and Principal at Towers, Perrin, CHO and Frank Russell.

John Magliana

VP, Corporate Development
John Magliana is a widely recognized transaction lawyer with substantial experience in planning, negotiating, structuring and conducting effective due diligence examinations for both equity and asset sales and purchases. He is also involved in all forms of reorganizations, involving both public and private companies.

Kevin Brocard

Business Development Manager
With over 20 years of successful health care and well care experience, Kevin is more than dedicated to making lives better with A-Z solutions that are highly effective and sustainable!

"Technology is teaching us to be human again" -Simon Mainwaring

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